as stunning to watch
as it is
to listen to
Geyser gives a new generation of image and sound creators an opportunity to express themselves, making music as stunning to watch as it is to listen to. To achieve this – particularly with the backing of French and European support funds and the broadcasters who value its work – the production company invests significant financial, artistic and technical resources in its projects, enabling viewers to fully immerse themselves in filmed works and enjoy an experience that enhances all the emotion they feel.
Based in Paris and directed by Frédéric Lepage, Geyser intends:
To contribute to the international prestige of great cultural institutions by providing them with an audience beyond the potential of their usual zone of influence. This broad distribution will help orchestras, theatres and dance and operatic companies to empower their brand.
To enable the distribution of works that introduce new audiences to classical music, jazz, opera, dance and drama, and to facilitate the circulation of video recordings of these performances.
To explore every part of the world of music to discover musical genres, ensembles, instrumentalists and artists with the capacity to amaze viewers and broaden their horizons.
To offer each broadcaster the chance to present the most prestigious brands: the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Ballet Nice Méditerranée, etc.